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An action platformer for the ZX Spectrum platform

Mabus Mania Deluxe Edition (ZX Spectrum) is an action platformer that is available for the ZX Spectrum platform, either hardware or emulated. The game is available for free, though players can choose to support the developer under a "name your own price" model if they wish.

Similar to games like Fix-It Felix Jr., the game features retro visuals and audio. Although, unlike that game, the graphics and audio are actually limited by the platform. The game plays out in “panels,” with the player progressing to a new screen when ready.

Recover your video games

The protagonist is Mabus, a man who, after a hard day’s work, wants to come home and play some video games. Unfortunately, Mabus’ wife has decided that the house needs decluttering and has taken all of his games out of the house. Mabus must travel around to find his missing video games.

Action platforming

The gameplay features a series of single-screen levels where Mabus must negotiate tricky platforms and avoid hostile entities in order to collect his video games. There are 36 levels in total, along with additional bonus and tribute levels. The game features updated graphics from the original Mabus Mania that was released during the original run of the ZX Spectrum.

Retro appeal

Mabus Mania Deluxe Edition (ZX Spectrum) is an authentic retro game in that it is limited by ZX Spectrum hardware, which will offer plenty of nostalgic appeal for people who enjoyed the original and games like it. However, it may feel too dated and limited for everyone else.


  • Features 36 levels with bonus phases and tribute levels
  • Game objects have particular characteristics
  • Supports redefinable keyboard controls and Kempston or Sinclair joystick
  • Plenty of color variety keeps visuals from becoming stale


  • Being limited to the ZX Spectrum system and emulators limits the game’s appeal
  • Graphics and audio are very dated by today’s standards

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